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Keeping our children hydrated is important, but is the drinkware age-appropriate? This is a real concern. Particularly if the item is branded with your logo. To that end, we have removed the guess work and now offer drinkware that meets the safety standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) for children. 

You can be assured that each of the following items meet the criteria to be kid-compliant. Simply advise your Retail Mugs Customer Service Representative that a product may be intended for a child audience, and we will be happy to assist you in selecting a product that will be age-appropriate. This also ensures that we know to apply a CPSIA Children's Product Tracking Label on the product.

Features to note with child-compliant items:

  • Suitable for children ages 3+; some items are better suited for smaller hands than others;
  • Items comply with FDA, CPSIA, Cal Prop 65 and state regulations for children’s drinkware;
  • All decorating inks comply with ASTM F-963-11 for toys;
  • CPSIA Children’s Products Tracking Labels will be applied; no charge;
  • Current test reports are available upon request;
  • Additional children’s items will be added soon! Check our website frequently.

kid safe items

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The CPSIA requirements for Children´s Products apply to any consumer product that is designed or intended primarily for children 12 years or younger. Each of these items have been thoroughly tested by a CPSC-accepted testing lab to verify compliance with those Children's Product requirements.