Boosting Brand Recognition and How Our Personalized Drinkware Helps (Part 1)

As a small business owner, you’re constantly looking for the next edge that will help you reel in more business while further promoting your company. Entrepreneurs who possess businesses such as coffee shops are always dealing with heavy competition from neighboring cafes. One great way to bring in additional revenue is by offering personalized mugs and water bottles at your checkout stand. Providing branded mugs has been shown to be a useful vehicle in coffee shops nationwide. Anyone looking for the best personalized drinkware will be more than pleased with the results they receive from Retail Mugs. Our online store offers custom coffee mugs and drink devices, from travel mugs to tumblers and more. Today, we’ll take a look at what branding is and how your branding can succeed with our promotional mugs and water bottles and the long-term benefit of doing so. With free rush services and two convenient shipping locations, Retail Mugs is your source for the best drinkware for your biggest fans!


Our modern marketplace has created an oversaturation of options to choose form in nearly any industry. No matter where or how you run your establishment, chances are that your potential clients are inundated with other similar products. Any entrepreneur pulling out their hair in frustration can benefit from creating their own branding strategy. What is branding? A good question! This fluid term is the identity of your product in relation to its uniqueness and recognizability. Further, your brand should service as a consistent promise to your customer. Every business is trying to find a niche, and your brand will help to illuminate your business. How people see your enterprise, your style, and the future of your business all play into branding.


No matter the size of the business, every company is looking to set and sell their brand image. When people think of Q-tips, for example, they imagine cotton swabs. Many citizens are not aware that the Q-tip is actually the brand of the company selling their specific cotton swabs. Tissue paper is the same way. While Kleenex® is a great term for any and all facial tissue paper, it is just one of the top providers and not the namesake for the industry. Essentially, powerful marketing strategies are needed to illuminate your company in a way that is both unique and memorable for consumers. Standing out and creating an identity that is instantly recognizable can pay big for anyone looking to stand up from the crowed. Regardless of the company size, you can benefit from this powerful process.


Every successful branding campaign had to start somewhere. When it comes to your small business, it’s crucial to design a logo that is unique and memorable as well. This will be the foundation of your business brand. Having a logo on every aspect of your shop, from personalized travel mugs to uniforms and napkins, will help much in gaining traction during this initial phase. You will want customers to be able to recognize your logo anywhere and immediately be able to measure its worth. Supplying branded logo mugs at your point of sale is a key part of this process and one that we’ll come back to at a later point.


As a company, you want your business to communicate its values and mission. Creating a message that communicates what your focus is on to customers will help in creating a branding foundation. Be sure to include your employees on this message, as setting a consistent intent and tone will reduce confusion among customers. Remember that your brand is a promise of quality and consistency. Customers will expect a certain experience when they come in, so it’s important to put everyone on the same page to communicate more effectively. 

When it comes to getting your company out there and recognized amongst the hordes of competitors, it’s vital to execute a quality branding strategy. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by looking at a few more aspects of brand recognition and how your business can benefit from using our branded mugs in the process. Retail Mugs is here help you do just as our name suggests. As an entrepreneur, you can design your own mug or tumbler and have it delivered to your store fast. Browse our wide collection of promotional drinkware to find your ideal promotional vehicle or contact us today for assistance!