Boosting Brand Recognition and How Our Personalized Drinkware Helps (Part 2)

Entrepreneurs who are actively looking for a way to gain an edge in their competitive industry can benefit from creating, executing, and updating a quality branding strategy. Doing so can help to boost revenue while also driving in more traffic without having to spend lots of money on paid ads and other marketing expenses. Last time, we took a look at some of the initial considerations for brand recognition and the importance of being consistent in each approach. When it comes to supplying your front end with quality personalizable drinkware, Retail Mugs is here to help! Our collection of branded mugs and custom tumblers are here to provide the perfect vehicle for getting your logo out there and spreading the prevalence of your company’s image. Our inventory of personalized travel mugs and water bottles gives you the ability to provide top-notch drinkware for your biggest fans. Today, we’ll continue our look at branding and its far-reaching value. Whether you are selling our promotional mugs and glassware in wineries, microbreweries, or coffee shops, Retail Mugs is here to help your brand move!


The tone and intent of an enterprise can make or break any branding strategy. Having a company-wide voice will help create a consistent image of how your business operates and how great your products are. It’s important to determine what your company wants to convey with its voice. Is your establishment more laid back and relaxed? Do you want people to recognize your brand as joking and humorous? How about fancy and formal? It’s up to you as the head honcho to determine a voice that accurately represents your business.



The verbal version of your logo is the tagline, which should be concise and representative of your business. McDonald’s phrase “I’m lovin’ it”, for example, is a musical jingle that instantly impresses upon customers how enjoyable their food is. Your tagline should be simple yet informative deliver a phrase that customers can draw on to instantly recognize your enterprise. Creating a memorable slogan will also help to summarize your business’ tone and intention in one swift stroke. 


In order for your company to create its new image and reinforce the value behind its identity, you will need to assimilate your company’s voice, logo, and message into every aspect of the business. From the tone of your voice when answering calls to the outfits worn by employees, every aspect of the business combines into one cohesive image of the business. Every aspect of the company needs to blend together to create consistency at all levels of your commerce. Owners who sell coffee, for example, can brand their image with a casual, average Joe theme. Your building’s imagery and furniture should serve to enhance this brand, such as tables that offer no frills. Your logo should also capture the value of purchasing quality coffee for the average working man or woman. Placing this logo on your personalized mugs will also help to give customers the ability to relive their unique experience once their new drinkware is home.

While seemingly simple on the surface, the process of branding your company can prove to be an intensive endeavor, often taking years and plenty of changes to fine-tune everything into a strategy that is effective for driving more business and higher prices. Next time, we’ll conclude our trilogy on branding and how to use it to enhance your operations. Entrepreneurs looking to boost their bottom line can benefit from any of our branded mugs and drinkware. Retail Mugs offers a wide variety of custom coffee mugs, tumblers, water bottles, and glass mugs to provide you with the best options for increasing those front-end sales. Browse our wide selection of new options today to find the perfect brandable drinkware for your business!